Universal & Whole Life Insurance Demystified

For Many Individuals And Families Some Type Of Permanent Insurance Is Considered A Must Have. While It Is Purchased At Different Times In Life And For Different Reasons Its Purpose Is Always The Same - To Last For The Rest Of The Covered Person's Life.

Flash News: Many families today are finding it hard to save and 401K's may be losing value. A permanent life insurance policy is an excellent way to "force" savings for the future while at the same time protecting your assets and loved ones. These types of policies will increase in value and never go down in value no matter what happens to the stock market, Social Security or your 401K. Invite us over to discuss why this is so and how we can help protect you.

Permanent insurance might be purchased to protect the surviving spouse in the event of the insured's passing later in life, it may be to accumulate wealth, a grandchild's college education, leave gifts to loved ones in your will or some other worthy reason. It really doesn't matter what your reason is because it's your reason and I'd like to make that happen for you.

At the Buckley Agency our first priority is helping you take care of you and your family so we will ask plenty of questions to learn more about your personal situation. Every family has dreams, goals, and a tolerance for risk and that is usually different for each family I meet. Long-term relationships that encourage open and honest communication have been the cornerstone of my career and the foundation of success at the Buckley Agency.

The reason Universal or Whole life insurance is so desireable is because its value increases and appreciates over time. These policies grow in two ways and you decide what's best for you - increasing cash value or an increasing death benefit or both simultaneously.

With an increasing cash value your premium payments will accumulate and earn interest that becomes a financial asset to you and your family. With cash value in your life insurance policy you can leave it accumulate, take money out in the form of tax-free & interest-free loans for anything: home improvements, medical bills, a way to pay for college tax/interest free or annual payments to augmuent 401K and Social Security.

An increasing death benefit is a opportunistic way to buy permanent insurance at a more affordable price early in life with the assurance that in time you will be rewarded with a large death benefit to use in all the ways previously mentioned.

More importantly since all the Universal & Whole Life policies that Buckley Agency offer come with Living Benefits, the larger your death benefit becomes, the more tax-free cash you would have access to if you ever needed it if a serious health event were to occur.

Universal policies are available on a Non-Medical Underwriting basis with Living Benefits. If you were to ask someone that had a Universal or Whole life policy if they had the old kind of insurance or the new kind they would probably say they don't know. If you then asked, whether or not they gave a blood sample, or had the ability to get tax-free cash from the death benefit if they survived a heart attack, stroke or cancer, 99% of everyone you ask would probably say no meaning they have the old type. 

Click to learn about Non-Medical Underwriting and Living Benefits because these features are extremely desirable. The Buckley Agency only offers these types of Universal & Whole life insurance policies.

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