Insurance Consulting Demystified

Why Would You Want An Insurance Consultant?

Some of our customers don't want to speak directly to agents because they don't want to feel pressured or they are concerned about their ability to understand the complexities of insurance. Insurance Consultants make their concerns and worries disappear.

For a fee:

  • Insurance Consultant's will set meeting agendas for third-party agents
  • Establish ground rules for agent conduct
  • Set expectations so the customer does not have to
  • Help homeowners or business owners in the selection process
  • Following up with agents after the application is done
  • Keep customers informed of the application process
  • Interprets questions/answers from agents to the home or business owner
  • Sometimes a consultant sits in the background to make sure the meeting does not get out of control or that their clients never get uncomfortable with a situation when dealing with an agent. The consultant will not allow an agent to pressure their client.

In the business world, when outside expertise is desired to grow or change a particular area of the business, and the business owner does not possess the knowledge, a consultant is often the choice. This is where a licensed insurance professional, much like an agent, is brought in to help a business owner evaluate insurance alternatives including and in some cases attending meetings with agents to sort through the alternatives.

For a homeowners, a consultant would meet with the couple, find out what they are looking to accomplish, and then either complete the application for the couple to sign or attend meetings with the couple to hear an agent present. 

Insurance Consultants are compensated for their time on an hourly basis much like a CPA or Attorney.

At the Buckley Agency: Insurance Is Demystified

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At the Buckley Agency: Insurance Is Demystified