Our Team

At the Buckley Agency we use a "hub and spoke" approach to service our customers. This approach enables us to be highly experienced, knowledgable, flexible and able to deliver on any commitment of any size to any Individual, Family or Small Businessperson we take on as customers.

This approach provides knowledge and stability for our Agency at our hub, while at the same time, allowing us to extend our spokes to be a multi-dimentional full service agency. The spokes of our wheel are the subject matter experts at our partner agencies that can handle any area of customer need that might arise.

All inquiries and requests go through the Buckley Agency at all times where customer needs are discussed, understood and parsed out to the appropriate team member.  The Buckley Agency staff coordinates our efforts by directing and managing people and teams to meet the needs of our customers. 

Robert Buckley

Buckley Agency: President & Owner




Robert started in his first insurance business in 2011 after a distinguished 35 year career in HR & Payroll Services (ADP) and Enterprise Software. In 2007 while consulting for a small startup software company he...

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The Buckley Agency

The Buckley Agency

The Buckley Agency has assembled a team of top specialists with decades of experience that assist us depending upon your situation.

Whether you are an individual or group we will directly handle:

  • Life, Accident & Health (Medical)
  • The Best Dental Plan
  • Disability
  • Ancillary:
    • Cancer
    • Hospitalization and more.
  • Homeowner's & Renter's
  • Automobile
  • Personal Umbrella
  • RV's 
  • Watercraft

If your company uses Aflac or similar, we can improve the quality of your employees coverage with a seamless transition and at the same time reduce the cost for your firm and your employees. 

ADP Insurance Partners Inc

ADP Insurance Partners Inc

Our partner for Property & Casualty is Paul Moncelli, a 35 year veteran of the insurance industry. Paul has a small army of top professionals to assist him and ultimately me to quote, underwrite, place and service all types of property and casualty from:

  • General Liability
  • Businessowners Policies (BOP)
  • Workers Compensation
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Professional Liability (Architects, Lawyers,                          Accountants, etc.)
  • Errors & Omissions for Insurance Agents & Real Estate Agents
  • And much more. Please check our P&C drop down on the home page
  • If you don't see it please ask

We have direct access to the industry's most noteable insurance companies in Property & Casualty from Chubb, Lloyd's, CNA, Liberty Mutual and more through this relationship plus  Wholesalers like Amwins Access that makes over 100  "A list" insurance companies available to us and to you.

ADP Insurance Partners is not affiliated with ADP Inc.