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At the Buckley Agency Our Process is our "Secret Sauce." It's the "How" that we use to accomplish your "Why."

To us, the insurance business is all about people. Even when calamity strikes and health, homes or businesses are lost, it is how that loss affects you, the people you love, your customers and your community that serves as our inspiration to come to work every day. We are excited about what we do and don't need a wake-up call.

Your home and contents are assets, as is your building, inventory and financial records as the source documents showing how and how much you get paid for your products and services. The connection that links of all these assets is your money. Do you see a theme forming? When we say that insurance is all about people, we mean that without insurance or the ability to be compensated for losses you might sustain due to accidents your ability to provide for those you love and care for will be adversely impacted.

Imagine the look in your spouse's eyes or your child's tears as their world was turned upside down. Imagine the sadness of your customers in your community as they walked past your closed store front if you were unable to conduct operations. These situations are out there. We acknowledge them and help you prepare for them. We hope a peril will never find you and but they are out there and you need the right insurance. Hope is not a strategy.

This is where the Buckley Agency comes in. We exist to anticipate that these situations will occur and to the best ability that anyone can, minimize the negative impact of these disasters, so we can help you recreate the comfort and security of your home, or your business that fuels the income your family thrives on, children's education depends on or that allows you to be a lynchpin of your community. You see, its not the physical asset so much although replacing your property is very important, but insurance is perhaps the best way to lessen the emotional trauma these losses cause to our family we love and customers and community we care about.

This is where Our Process comes in. Our Process is the "Secret Sauce."

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It is how we operate that allows us to deliver the service at the level we do. Again, it's all about relationships. respect and a sense of team that feeds the excellent working relationships with our external partners and insurers with the end intention of getting you the best coverage at the best price.  

We start by arriving at our meeting on time because we respect your time. We don't overbook our schedule like a lot of agents and we will never rush through a meeting or take an incomplete application so we can get to the next meeting. Friends don't do that to friends. 

Have you ever spoken to a salesperson or insurance agent who was using insurance-speak versus plain English? Talk of IULs, Dual Eligibles or Exclusion Periods might as well be hieroglyphics. When this happens what do you do? Customers of mine explain that they stopped listening when that happened because they felt "talked at" instead of "listened to." And Boom! The meeting was over. Did a salesperson or insurance agent you were speaking with ever look like they were thinking so hard about what they were going to say next that they stopped listening to what you were saying and answered a question that you didn't ask? It's happened to me. 

Based on our experience with thousands of customers and prospective customers we have developed a method to protect what matters most to you in your life.

We may hear something you said, or didn't say but maybe meant, that may prompt us to ask more questions to verify we understand. When we believe we do understand we may recommend exactly what you expected or we may think outside the box and offer a creative solution that neither of us thought of before our meeting. This brief divergence, only done with your permission, and ability to "read between the lines" and hear your inferred intent is a valuable skill that is not easily duplicated by other insurance agents or salespeople in general. 

If you prefer a Zoom meeting, our system and links have been tested and will work. 

When we do an application, it will be done with precision. There is nothing worse than a sloppy application that requires agents to come back for signatures several times and may even cause the application to languish and be cancelled because it never got evaluated or it was evaluated and quickly declined because it was sloppy.

When we present you to our underwriter we make the extra effort to communicate everything we know in order to present your case in the best possible light with the greatest opportunity of approval. This is our Genuine Advocacy Guarantee™. Because of this, if we ask a question you don't see the point to, please indulge us or ask why. We are happy to share what we are thinking. When your application is approved,  we will deliver your policy in person. We do not mail insurance policies. We'll go over it with you using a highlighter and show you where all the important information is located. 

Of course you can always call us if you have questions. 

Please feel free to look around our website and if you think we can help please give us a call.

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