Medicare Advantage (Part C) Demystified

A Medicare Advantage Plan is insurance from a private insurance company approved by Medicare. Using Traditional Medicare as a starting point, Medicare Advantage Plans provide coverage that is at least as good as Traditional Medicare and in most cases adds additional services like Hearing, Vision, Dental, Prescriptions & Gym Memberships. Medicare Advantage Plans are available to all Medicare consumers including those under 65 who are eligible due to disability. 

When is the last time you heard from your Medicare agent? Have you ever had a problem that you had to fight with the insurance company about? Chances are your Agent could have taken care of that problem in minutes without causing you frustration and anger.  If you are not meeting with your Medicare Agent annually and learning about annual plan changes and how they might benefit you then you should call us for a no obligation Medicare review.

The Buckley Agency offers PPO & HMO Medicare Advantage Plans from Aetna, Humana, Wellcare, Clover  & UnitedHealthcare®

Medicare Advantage is delivered in networks like HMO's, PPO's, Private-Fee-For-Service (PFFS), MA and MAPD and may or may not include Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) coverage. This is very important to check because if you don't enroll in Part B or a PDP plan when you are first eligible a penalty could be levied on your account and could last years. So this is important. A Buckley Agency representative can help guide you.

As in all networks Patients, also known as Beneficiaries, choose a Primary Care doctor and specialists in their chosen published network. Network providers have co-pays for most office visits and a maximum out-of-pocket limit applies. You may also see specialists in your chosen network, and while it is permissible to see specialists outside of your network, but to see them you will pay a slightly higher co-pay for your office visit.

If you would like, someone from the Buckley Agency can look up your doctors to see what networks they belong to if you would like to keep your doctors, otherwise you may also try a new network doctor. All providers are excellent and most are Board Certified and peer reviewed insuring their level of care is the best.

The Medicare Annual Enrollment Period is October 15th-December 7th when you may add a Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Program (PDP). January 1 - March 31 is called the Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period. During this time you may drop an MA plan you don't like and add a new plan or change your PDP.

Private-fee-for-Service plans are pay-as-you-go plans that may or may not have a network. If there is no network as in some rural areas, then a beneficiary must present their ID card before services are provided to make sure the provider will accept the terms of the plan including cost sharing.

There are tons of rules governing Medicare Advantage but you don't have to know them all. Find a good agent like the Buckley Agency who will be happy to go over your rights and options. Remember:

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