Dental Under 65 Demystified

Dental Insurance Under 65

OK, so if you are looking at this page you have years to months left to work, OR before you age into Medicare, OR you are looking for a way to increase your coverage over and above your existing employer paid dental plan which you are finding out does not cover too much. You want to pay less and decrease your out of pocket costs.

Dental insurance has been a thorn in the side of many Employees in the active workforce for many years. One of the reasons Dental Coverage is so expensive and covers so little is because Employees use it. 

I know this sounds odd but insurance companies are faced with losing money every time an Employee visits the dentist so insurance companies make it as difficult as possible to get dental services paid for.

If you are on your Employer's plan: The Employer paid plans we normally see generally feature an annual benefit of less than $2000, but is usually $1500 or less. Most of these plans don't cover Implants and if they do, then they only cover 2 of the 4 stages of Implants. The stages are Extraction, Post, Abutment, Tooth/Crown. Usually the Abutment and either Extraction and/or Post are not covered. Sometimes Dentures are covered. Cosmetics are never covered.

A GOTCHA is a clause, or clauses, in the language of an Employer's master dental policy that allow the insurance company to deny claims for various reasons thereby pushing the cost onto the Employee. Most Employer plans contain GOTCHAS and may choose to augment their dental plans by offering AFLAC to pick up additional costs, but AFLAC comes at additional cost to Employees also, is hard to use and again there are many GOTCHAS.

The Buckley Agency has plans superior to AFLAC that COODINATE with ANY EMPLOYER PLAN to extend coverage to include the most costly treatments including Implants (all 4 stages), Dentures, Cosmetics and more without GOTCHAS Employer plans use to deny claims. Our plans cover exactly what they promise and are easy to use.

Give US a call at the Buckley Agency to compare plans before you buy AFLAC or an upgrade to your Employer plan with GOTCHAS. 

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