Dental Over 65 Demystified

If you're over 65 and you don't have dental insurance, this is the page for you! 

Dental Insurance Over Age 65

Dental insurance for Senior Citizens has been a thorn in the side of many Seniors for many years. One of the casualties of aging is dental health according to the American Dental Association. Many seniors cannot afford any dental care let alone quality dental care. This is where the Buckley Agency comes in and Demystifies Dental Insurance.

Our Customers over age 65 are either still on their Employer's medical plan including Dental or, they have aged into Medicare. Both situations have challenges for Senior Citizens. Some of the most common dental conditions for Seniors, aside from, getting basic preventative care are complications from a) Dry Mouth including periodontal disease and gingivitis to b) dental conditions caused by Diabetes. It is here that Dental Insurance truly lacks.

If they are on their Employer's plan: Employer paid plans generally feature an annual benefit of less than $2000, but is usually $1500 or less. Most of these plans don't cover Implants, Dentures or Cosmetics and contain language, we at Buckley Agency, call GOTCHA's. A GOTCHA is a clause in the language of Employer master dental policies that allow the insurance company to deny claims thereby pushing the cost onto the Employee. Some Employers also choose to augment their dental plans by offering AFLAC at additional cost to Employees but this plan is hard to use and again there are many gotchas.

The Buckley Agency has plans superior to AFLAC that COODINATE with ANY EMPLOYER PLAN to extend coverage to include most costly treatments without GOTCHAS used to deny claims.

If you are a Senior who has aged into Medicare you may run into the following scenarios:

  1. Seniors with Medicare Advantage Plans have terrible dental coverage with an annual dental benefit of $1000-$1500 and usually only covers 2 of the 4 stages of Implants. The stages are Extraction, Post, Abutment, Tooth/Crown. Usually the Abutment and either Extraction and/or Post are not covered) and there is no Cosmetic benefit.

  2. Seniors with a Traditional Medicare Part B Supplement, aka, MediGap have NO dental coverage whatsoever and are faced with a choice to: 
    a) Buy a Stand Alone plan with spotty benefits,
    b) Pay for dental services out of their own pocket at an average cost of $929 per year,
    c) Not see the dentist at all.

In fact, statistics from the American Dental Association state that Senior Citizens without Dental Insurance, on average, have not seen ANY dentist in more than 3 years.

The Buckley Agency has several dental plans for Seniors at Very Affordable Rates that INCLUDE Implants (all 4 stages), Dentures and Cosmetics.

Remember, the Buckley Agency Demystifies Insurance.

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