Greetings and Welcome

I'm very excited about this Blog! What I hope to create here is a series of stories that detail experiences I have had over my lifetime and my insurance career spanning 11 years.

When I walk into a home or business my Mission is simple: "To leave my Customer in a better position than they were before we met."

You will read about challenges, needs, wants, or problems that my customers were dealing with and how I helped solve them to their acknowledged high customer satisfaction.

My customer's identity will always remain confidential and where any factors would lead to the discovery of their identity, I will change that information to maintain my their privacy. That aside, what I write here will be exactly as it happened without creative license, fiction or drama.

I will start with my own story and then blog as my customers inspire. If you read an entry and it sounds like something that you deal with in your home or business and would like to discuss it with me directly to see if I might be able to help, please call or email and we can set some time aside to talk. There is no obligation on your part.

For my part, I have never worked in a business with a purpose higher and more noble than protecting families and their homes and protecting business people's livelihoods and their businesses from peril and calamity.

To my customers, I am grateful to be in your service.



Tuesday, August 30, 2022

This entry is about my personal experiences as a buyer of insurance and the life changing events in life I never saw coming but hoped I would be prepared for. Perhaps you know someone like me?