Our Agency Demystified

I started the Buckley Agency 11 years ago with the intention to create a different type of insurance agency, one where the customer is always in control of their circumstances and always gets what they need. We want our customers to close their eyes at night with the peace and security that their home, family and/or business is protected.

Why We're A Good Choice

My vision was to create a full service agency where a family, local business owner or professional with a small office could get the coverages they needed without needing to engage multiple agents and agencies. After a career spanning 35 years in business I realized that I wanted my agency to be smaller in size and local in scope so we knew everyone we did business with personally, but at the same time large enough to incorporate the knowledge and subject-matter experience to be a one-stop solution for our customers.

In order to offer a comprehensive solution, I learned over the years that a well-oiled team approach was the best way to accomplish my goal of helping custpmers with a wide variety of needs as they navigate the complex world of insurance.

We believe quality is more important than quantity in every area of our business. With customer retention scores above 97%, when a new customer joins our family they stay for a very long time because when we met we learned about your situation at a depth most agents never ask about. This means that the solution we will recommend to you will meet your needs today and will give you flexibility for your family to grow and change. Its like your favorite sweater that you can wear for years.

Of course life does not exist in a vacuum. We know circumstances change. Because of this we offer a complimentary Policy Review at 2 and 4 year intervals to make sure that the coverage you purchased still works for you and your family at a future date. With our agency you will always be individuals and families with a unique identity rather than a number on a computer screen. Businesses always receive an annual review and since we live in, and walk our neighborhoods, we shop there as well so you will see us regularly. Because of this, you willl always receive the right coverage from a great company at the best price. 

We are not like most other agencies because we do business by mutual invitation. Our customers choose us because of our experience, knowledge and attention to detail. We choose our customers because we have a genuine belief that we can help them accomplish their goals and protect their family and/or business. 

When you invite us to your home or business we will explain that there are two questions of vital importance that must be answered.

Your SECOND question should be: How much coverage, at what price, from what company?

You FIRST question should be: How should you choose an Insurance Agent, This is one of the ways we begin to Demystify Insurance.

Our customers have told us that they come to the Buckley Agency because they are tired of the business-as-usual approach of other agents/agencies. Families I have done business with, especially in mortgage protection life area, tell me that their encounters with other insurance agents would literally take 15 minutes including a rushed application because the agent is normally overbooked and needs to rush to get to the next home. Unfortunately these same customers will also tell me that because the interaction was rushed, there was no chance to learn about the customer's need and there was no backup documentation about what was discussed. Customers feel uncomfortable when they cannot remember important details of what was discussed except the price.

Our business customers tell us that agents were so focused on giving a cheap price to get a deal that they left coverages off the policy that might have been very important simply to keep the price low. This often the case with the very large insurance companies. This tactic goes unnoticed until one day a loss occurs as a result of a peril that the agent left off the policy and the business owner finds that she/he is not covered. This is a very big problem.

At the Buckley Agency we are trained to look at the entire picture. We aren't quote machines. When we come to your location we would like a tour of your business and to learn about your operations. Because we invest the time and energy in doing this we can ask intelligent questions that will help us to diagnose and prescribe a solution with coverages that will serve you the best to strike the right balance between coverage, service and cost to help you sqeeze every bit of value out of every dollar you spend.

Client Centered

To our way of thinking this approach serves the best interest of our friend, the customer, and sets up our mutual long term successful relationship that the Buckley Agency hopes to create.

As the owner, I invite you to read our Mission and Process insights and give us a call if you believe we might be able to help.


Robert Buckley 
President & Owner

At the Buckley Agency: Insurance Is Demystified 

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